Florida Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm

We carefully apply our market knowledge and network of contacts to identify investment opportunities.

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About Us


At its core, IMAIM CAPITAL seeks to create value through thought. As a boutique Florida Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm, we carefully apply our market knowledge and network of contacts to identify investment opportunities.

IMAIM CAPITAL’s primary service is providing investment opportunities that are well-researched, poised for growth, with risks clearly identified and mitigated. By using a conservative methodology focusing on a specific acquisition targets and long-term value, the firm has consistently found success. IMAIM CAPITAL also provides professional business services. Clients seeking financial, management, and real estate research and consulting will receive sound, actionable plans to achieve their objectives.

In addition to its investment services, IMAIM CAPITAL manages and operates IMAIM LEASING, a real estate leasing business and IMAIM PROPERTY, a real estate repair and construction business.

Core Values


  • It is imperative to conduct oneself with professionalism.
  • Success begets success.
  • It is necessary to go beyond the bare minimum to achieve the bottom line.
  • It is worthwhile to go the extra mile.


IMAIM CAPITAL’s founder,  Nathaniel sought to see tangible change in his community through his vision and hard work. Upon receiving RIA certification in October 2010, IMAIM CAPITAL was established to merge finance and human resources in order to shape the community with investment. Since it’s inception, IMAIM CAPITAL has been able to  identify under-performing assets and and improve performance by diligently applying conservative investment strategy.

Community Involvement

IMAIM CAPITAL is an active participant in the global community. They donate their time to:

Comunidad Connect – A 501c3 with the mission to connect social, economic, and environmental development opportunities in Nicaragua with local and global resources.


Learn more about our founder and staff on our team page.