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IMAIM CAPITAL is a private investment firm based in Miami, Florida with a decade of operating experience and a proven track record.
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About Us


IMAIM CAPITAL is a vertically integrated real estate investment company based in Miami, Florida. Founded and licensed as RIA (Florida Registered Investment Advisor) in 2010, the company began by identifying, capitalizing and acquiring unique distressed residential properties affected by the economic downturn.

As a company, we exist to increase residential and commercial real estate value by making portfolio company assets more functional, more aesthetic and more efficiently managed. To achieve this, IMAIM CAPITAL manages and operates IMAIM PROPERTY, an internal property management business, as well as IMAIM LEASING, an internal real estate leasing business.

IMAIM CAPITAL operates with professionalism and integrity, with all stakeholders in mind. Our objective is to invest beyond personal wealth, by benefiting the communities where we allocate capital.

Core Values


  • It is imperative to conduct oneself with professionalism.
  • Success begets success.
  • It is necessary to go beyond the bare minimum to achieve the bottom line.
  • It is worthwhile to go the extra mile.


IMAIM CAPITAL’s founder,  Nathaniel sought to see tangible change in his community through his vision and hard work. Upon receiving RIA certification in October 2010, IMAIM CAPITAL was established to merge finance and human resources in order to shape the community with investment. Since it’s inception, IMAIM CAPITAL has been able to  identify under-performing assets and and improve performance by diligently applying conservative investment strategy.





655 W. Flagler St., Suite 203 Miami, FL 33130